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Research and Strategy

Make informed decisions regarding the evolution of your business, thanks to comprehensive insights regarding the industry, your competitors, and, most importantly, your consumers.

Identify obstacles. Seize opportunities.

Get an in-depth overview of your market and the forces at play. Our approach to landscape analysis allows businesses to weather tipping points in their life cycles, and take advantage of the possibilities they bring to light.

The Breakthrough Model Our proprietary strategic framework allows us to identify the disconnect between brand and consumer, as well as the deep-seated insight that bridges the gap.
The Breakthrough Model
Marketing Communications Strategy
Marketing Communications Strategy Development of a marketing campaign based on single-country landscape analysis and consumer insight, and featuring the proposal and implementation of a strategy, big idea, KPIs, major creative executions, minor supporting executions, and a full channels plan.
Brand Design and Development Development of a master plan that allows a company to organize, structure, and present its brand and products in a way that ensures a distinct and cohesive presentation vis-a-vis competition and potential new players.
Brand Design and Development
Brand Positioning Analysis
Brand Positioning Analysis A single-country competitive strategy analysis designed to help brands understand how to best position a new or existing product in order to fulfill a distinct consumer need. Relies on secondary and tertiary data.
Customer Journey Mapping Process of visualizing and understanding the entire customer experience from initial awareness to post-purchase experience. Involves mapping out each step a customer takes, from the moment they become aware of a brand or product, to the point of conversion, and beyond.
Customer Journey Mapping
Brand Experience Audit
Brand Experience Audit A full-on brand immersion where the agency will assess current brand experience across all available touchpoints, vis-a-vis a provided brand book or brand architecture from client, or a brand architecture developed by agency.
Channel Strategy Development Development of a campaign or “always on” marketing plan based on a single-country landscape analysis and consumer insight, and featuring a communication strategy, content matrix, and best practice proposal for a specific channel (e.g. PR only, TikTok only, etc.)
Channel Strategy Development
Breakthrough Model Analysis
Breakthrough Model Analysis An audit of a brand’s current vs. desired state, identifying the obstacles inhibiting a brand from reaching their target market, and recommending an insight-driven strategic positioning that will allow the brand to “breakthrough” to the consumer.
Brand Persona Development Creation of distinct brand and buyer persona guides in order to help a brand cohesively communicate across channels.
Brand Persona Development
Brand Soul Mapping
Brand Soul Mapping Assessment of a brand vis a vis its competitors on the basis of what psychological need the current messaging of the brand addresses. Includes tactical recommendations on how to best surface a distinct brand message via customer experience.